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There are a lot of updates still to come.

Mosaik Mini Documentation Blog

MOSAIK Mini Blog - Development till end of 2014 Updates from MOSAIK 4 will come soon.

What is MOSAIK?

MOSAIK is a sample based drum computer focused on live drum programming. Every sound and sequence is prelisten-able via headphones. The alignment of the 64 step sequencer is representing the loop metaphor of step sequencer based music. With the full color leds different tracks are displayed as layer.

smallmosaikworking.jpg mosaikdark.jpg

  • optimized for live step programming
  • every sound and sequence is prelisten-able
  • sample based
  • 64 Sample Player
  • 64 Steps for every Sample-Player
  • capable of poly rhythms
  • hierarchic modification of sounds
  • …

Till now not every feature is integrated. Actually it will take a lot more development time to get all the ideas to reality.