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what is stekgreif?

Stekgreif is an innovative MIDI-controller, which convinces by one ability: Its modular construction. This allows the user to align the hardware optimally to the growing diversity of music software programs.


Modern music software becomes more complex day by day. As a result the handling becomes more complex and often the user gets overwhelmed: The computer mouse does not suffice the requirements of producing music, especially in the live music section, because the simultaneously control of two controllers is impossible. Solutions for this problem are MIDI-controllers. These make possible a more intuitive control of the software. Nevertheless, there remains one problem: The optical surface of the software differs from the one of the MIDI-controller, so the managing stays difficult: The user has to remember which controller belongs to which software parameter. You can imagine that with growing requirements this task becomes impossible.

To solve this problem the industry offers specially designed MIDI-controllers, which fit to one software program. But what does happen when you use multiple programs? Either you buy every specific MIDI-controller or the problems we mentioned remain.

Stekgreif offers a solution for all this problems. Because of the modular construction the user is able to change the whole hardware surface in seconds. Thus he or she is free in the selection of software and the intuitive work with the software is made possible.

ground plate


Moreover, you can implement more instruments or controls in stekgreif than in any other MIDI-controller, for example:

knob fader button
small keyboard - for fun distance sensor foot pedal connector

Ultimately nearly every instrument or controller, which can be useful for producing music, is thinkable and possible.

inside a module

why lego duplo?

The LEGO DUPLO modules are the optimal base for a modular system. They are easy to handle and it is easy to work with. So they were the perfect solution for our idea.

Formulated shortly every modul has its own intelligence in form of a micro processor. These “slave”-processors interact with a so called “master”-processor using a bus-system. The “master” transfers the data into the MIDI-format and sends it to the computer. So when you use a control on the controller, the “slave”-chip with its integrated A/D-changer sends the value of the control to the “master”, the “master” sends it to the computer and in the software the parameter you wish is changed.

Quotation of a visitor at a fair: “The industry tries to make things more complicated. Stekgreif makes them easier.”

The stekgreif idea is not limited on music producing. At a fair we cooperated with another inventor team who had built a new lightshow-software. In a few steps stekgreif was able to control a complete lightshow. And even more possibilities are thinkable.